Stuff your Stockings full of Peepers

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of Sonya Ahlers' Bunnies to Hawk Eyes!

Each unique little Peeper bunny is hand made from vintage angora and filled with a lucky penny in it's belly.

They are irresistible treasures to say the least.  Come and see for yourself.

Peeper Bunnies $48 each

blue & white stripes

Cornish Kitchen Ware Collection

Cornishware ~ priced individually ~ sold
White Milking Stool $62 ~ sold
Red Egg Basket $28 ~ sold
Cotton Placemats $28 ~ sold
Antique Toy Horse ~ sold
Canadiana Pine Hutch ~ sold

LoRo Block Party ~ Saturday Nov. 27 2010

Get your holiday shopping started with a drink and a discount!

After all the shops have closed for the day, the ladies of LoRo (Lower Roncesvalles) will open up for a late night block party.

Get your card stamped at all five participating shops on the block to enter the raffle.  You'll have the chance to win gift certificates and prizes from FrockImeldaHawk EyesMrs. HuizengaMy Dog's Daycare, Local Kitchen & Winebar, Coriander Girl, Misfit and Pantry Press.

Some of our special guests for the evening include:
Pantry Press with their holiday cards & gifts
Coriander Girl with her fresh bouquets
Christie Greyerbiehl and her light boxes
Yummy Stuff  and their delicious mini cup cakes

Hope you can make it, you don't want to miss this!

my pink bedroom

Pink Upholstered Chaise $1250 ~ sold
Matching French Provincial Desk $475 ~ sold
Small Lamp with Silk Shade $145 ~ sold
Large Lamp with Silk Shade $165 ~ sold
Pink Velour Pillows $16 each ~ sold
Set of 4 Canisters $75
Pine Step Stool $58 ~ sold
Rosedawn Jug $42 ~ sold
Set of 4 Glasses $28 ~ sold

mis fit

I have local love for Misfit and the lady behind the ingenious name.  Amber Joliat is not only a fellow business owner, a neighbour, a customer but a welcomed chat on a slow day.   I meet all kinds of people in this business, some are more charming than others!

Amber is always a pleasure to see and I always feel inspired after her visit.  I don't know her well but I appreciate her grounded focus and confidence.  She seems to be the kind of old school romantic, something I was starting to think our generation had lost completely.

Amber opened her own yoga space, Misfit Studio in the heart of Parkdale at Queen & Dunn.  Although I haven't had the chance to visit, I've heard great things about the space and her classes.  I'm looking forward to it!

I don't do yoga but when I do, it will be with Misfit and I will report back.  Until then, I follow her blog for updates, classes, healthy tip and techniques.

Amber, we'll see you soon.

garden party

Seafoam Pressback Chair $75 ~ sold
White Serving Tray $58 ~ sold
Peach Petal Jug $48 ~ sold
White Painted Lamp Table $135 ~ sold
Yellow Dawnware Jug $38 ~ sold
Shabby Chic Tea Cart $155 ~ sold
28"l x 25"h x 14"w
Set of Pink Stemmed Glasses $42 ~ sold
Milk Glass Vases $9 ~ $18 ~ sold
Pink Planter $32 ~ sold
Folding Teal Chair $68 ~ sold
Rose Picture $22 ~ sold
Set of Cherry Blossom Pyrex Bowls $86

Brandy Alexander

Caned Upholstered Chairs, Excellent Condition! $575 ~ sold
Gold Guild Table Lamp $295 ~ sold
Carved Coffee Table $195 ~ sold
Pink Glass Decanter and Glasses $68 ~ sold
McCoy Tulip Vase $28 ~ sold
Players Tins $10 each ~ sold
Brass Candle Sticks $18 ~ sold
Set of Lady Claire Place Mats $38 ~ sold

Design Lover's Paradise

If you don't already know him, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Jake.  He owns MachineAge Modern, a well established shop on the east side of town. Jake specializes in modern vintage furnishings and gets his hands on some pretty special finds.  Check out this Vladimir Kagan Sofa in store.
 I just love it!

I think Jake and I make a great pair as we couldn't be further apart on the scale of "pickers".   Jake goes for teak and I for country chic but we do share a lot in common.  The willingness to drive for hours for potential finds, the thrill of a big old musty barn full of "junk", the hoarding capabilities as neither one of us could pass up a good deal on Pyrex but more importantly, an eye for treasure!

Unlike most competitive retailers, Jake has always been very supportive of my business.  Being the new kid on the block, he has helped me along the way by introducing me to other dealers and giving me leads on hidden gems.  Just an all round great guy with a keen eye.

Thank you Jake. You have a fan in me and a treasure hunting roadie, any day!

MachineAge Modern
1000 Queen Street East (Map)
416 461 3588

Stop to Shop

White Tall Boy $375 ~ sold
Wicker Rocker with Pillow $65 ~ sold
Vintage Baby Quilt $38 ~ sold
White Wooden Bench $68 ~ sold
Wicker Corner Basket $75 ~ sold
Tall Lamp Table $ 135 ~ sold
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145 ~ sold
Stop Sign $38 ~ sold
Blue Wicker Mirror $28 ~ sold
Red Gingham Table Cloth $36 ~ sold
Red Basket $38
Blue Giftcraft Japan Sm. $28, Lrg. $40 ~ sold

Sing It

Thank you to everyone who voted for Roncesvalles, it paid off and we won!!  Bring it on Jully Black.
Click here for across Canada results.

CBC Song Quest 2010

Roncesvalles Avenue has been shortlisted in the second annual CBC Great Canadian Song Quest.  As of today, we are in first place to have Jully Black write a song about our wonderfully unique street.

After almost 2 years of on going road works, construction and street improvements, I can't think of an area more in need of a little extra love and attention.
Click HERE to cast your vote today and everyday until October 1st, 2010.  The winner will be announced on October 22, 2010.

Vote today!!

Pretty In Pink

Pink Secretary Desk $425 ~ sold
Green Wall Shelf $55 ~ sold
Pink Chintz Drawers $72 ~ sold
Small White Stool $62 ~ sold
Seafoam Pressback Chair $75 ~ sold
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145 ~ sold
Butterprint Pyrex Bowls $26 each ~ sold
Milk Glass $12 - $32
Pink Velour Cushions $16 each ~ sold
White Leather Gloves $48
Carrigaline Pink Jug $28 ~ sold

post my pyrex

I do not suffer from "Pyrexia" (fever for the thrill of the Pyrex hunt) but as a professional "treasure hunter", I cannot resist the instinct to buy it.  Love it or leave it,  there is no denying it's appealing form and function.  Prep, bake, serve and store all in one dish!  
My shop has never been without a piece of Pyrex, nor will it ever be.  

Passionate for Pyrex was a great article published in the Toronto Star just the other day.  It inspired me to  post my Pyrex inventory.    Please contact for pricing or further information.

1. Yellow 401 Cinderella Bowl/Small Yellow Hostess Dish/Orange Juice Jug
2. Green 401 Mixing Bowl/Verde Split Caserole Dish/Green Caserole Dish
3. Turquoise Butterprint 442 Cinderella/402 Mixing Bowl
4. Bright Green Caserole Dish/Gooseberry 444 Cinderella Mixing Bowl
5. Pair of Brown Striped Americana Mixing Bowls
6. Set of Cherry Blossom Caserole Dishes

I rarely bake but I too have a personal collection of Pyrex.  It may be small but it is specific.  I opted for the Solid Turquoise and Butterprint Mixing Bowls and Refrigerator Dish Set.  I even have a Butterprint Butter Dish!


For more Pyrex information check out this amazing site, In Color Order where Jeni Baker explains some key elements to understanding Pyrex.  I leaned a lot...
or join the Pyrex Collective where your questions will be answered and you will realize that you are not alone!

Happy Hunting

september seat sale

Pair of French Provincial, Down Filled, Wing Back Arm Chairs
Originally $375 each,  Now $300 each ~ sold

Floor Lamp with Linen Shade $195 ~ sold
Pair of French Fashion Prints $165
French Provincial Side Table $175 ~ sold
Set of 4 Georgian Tea Cup & Saucers $48 ~ sold

Tall, White & Handsome

Just arrived...
A fresh, white washed, high boy.  It's not all good looks, the drawers slide well and it has great storage.
18"d x 30"w x 39"h
$375 ~ sold

Lemons & Limes


Pair of Lime Green Folding Chairs $175 ~ sold
Wicker Table $110 ~ sold
Metal Lamp $110 ~ sold
Green Wicker Basket $32 ~ sold
White Wicker Tray $58 ~ sold
Set of Dishes - Fransiscanware Coronado $350 ~ sold
Yellow Teapot $28 ~ sold
Yellow Creamer $14 ~ sold
Lime Green Bamboo Shelf $145 ~ sold
1920's Centre Piece $58 ~ sold
Hall Coffee Set $135 ~ sold
Open Basket $38 ~ sold
Clothes Line $28 ~ sold

Unpacked Pastel Palette

Recent Finds...
Retro Teal S&P, Oil & Vinegar $75 ~ sold
Set of 6 Glasses $52 ~ sold
Mini Piggy Bank $9 ~ sold
Pair of Fish S&P $16 ~ sold
Orange Juice Jug $28 ~ sold
Peach Petalware Jug $48 ~ sold
Peach Petalware C&S $16
Laburnum Petalware C&S $16
Green Carrigaline Cup $14 ~ sold
Pair of Love Bird Lamps ~ sold
Pink Lamps with Teal Shades $175 ~ sold

July 2010

Cream Painted Bookshelf $275 ~ sold
Scottish Dart Board $58 ~ sold
Water Bottles $24 each yellow ~ sold
Pickle S&P $18 ~ sold
Set of 3 Glass Containers Sm. $36 ~ sold
Recipe Box $32 ~ sold
Blue Gingham Table Cloth $58 ~ sold
Red Gingham Fabric $32 ~ sold
Yarn Spools $12 each ~ sold
Green Pyrex Bowl $28 ~ sold
Pair of Blue Gingham Napkins $28
Yellow Gingham Cutlery $36 ~ sold
Set of 3 Glass Containers Lrg. $48 ~ sold
Striped Pillow $26 each
Yellow Wire Basket $48 ~ sold
Wooden Letter Blocks $2 each ~ sold

Spring Window

Victorian Wrought Iron Day Bed $500 ~ sold
Electric Blue Bed Side Table $175 ~ sold
Blue Steps $58 ~ sold
Blue Stool $58 ~ sold
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145
Quilt & Fitted Sheet $120
Down Filled Pillows $18 - $34 ~ sold

Sneak Peak - June 2010

Oak Filing Cabinet $395 ~ sold
Standing Mirror $110 ~ sold
Glass Insert Flask $62 ~ sold
Small Oak Table $115 ~ sold
Lady Clair Placemats $38 ~ sold
Brass Candlesticks $24 ~ sold
Georgia China 
17 Piece Set $115 ~ sold

Fold Down Vanity $395 ~ sold
Pink Vase Lamp $97 ~ sold
Ladderback Chair $115
Pink Cushion $16 ~ sold
Leather Gloves $48 ~ sold
Pink Glass Decanter Set $68 ~ sold
Filigree Silver Tray $125 ~ sold
Milk Glass Vases $9 - $18

This Weekend Only ~ Roncey Sidewalk Sale

May 2010

Black Banker's Bench $425 ~ sold
Black Coffee Table $195 ~ sold
Set of Green Melmac Dishes $48 ~ sold
Green Serving Tray $32 ~ sold
Tea Set $98 ~ sold
Small Basket $32 ~ sold
Large Basket $38 ~ sold
Tall White Table $115 ~ sold
Round Gingham Cushion $28 each ~ sold
Small Cupboard $110 ~ sold
Cream Jug $32 ~ sold
Ladderback Chair $115
Doll's Dresser $65 ~ sold

Light In Sight

Any business owner and resident in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood has been put to the challenge over the last year.  We got hit with a recession along with everyone else but then we underwent phase 1 of construction. (Hawk Eyes view from last May).

With the worst part behind us and another summer of road works ahead, we are all thinking positively towards the future.  Despite the noise and aggravation that lies ahead, I am personally looking forward to the new and improved street scape of Roncesvalles.

I am waiting in anticipation for expanded sidewalks, new grade level trees, more public areas and a new fleet of Bombardier streetcars.

I just wanted to personally thank all the contributors from Toronto Life for featuring their Favourite Destinations along Roncesvalles.  We are all appreciative of the support and the acknowledgment.

A special thanks from Hawk Eyes. It's truly lovely to be noticed and mentioned.  It makes it all worth while.

The street is back to normal for the time being and 3 hours of parking is FREE until November.  Come on down and take advantage!

Sitting Pretty In the Window

Sitting Pretty In the Window
Tokyo Police Club
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

Hayden & Howie Beck
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

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