Light In Sight

Any business owner and resident in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood has been put to the challenge over the last year.  We got hit with a recession along with everyone else but then we underwent phase 1 of construction. (Hawk Eyes view from last May).

With the worst part behind us and another summer of road works ahead, we are all thinking positively towards the future.  Despite the noise and aggravation that lies ahead, I am personally looking forward to the new and improved street scape of Roncesvalles.

I am waiting in anticipation for expanded sidewalks, new grade level trees, more public areas and a new fleet of Bombardier streetcars.

I just wanted to personally thank all the contributors from Toronto Life for featuring their Favourite Destinations along Roncesvalles.  We are all appreciative of the support and the acknowledgment.

A special thanks from Hawk Eyes. It's truly lovely to be noticed and mentioned.  It makes it all worth while.

The street is back to normal for the time being and 3 hours of parking is FREE until November.  Come on down and take advantage!

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Coriander Girl said...

I cannot wait for the construction to end! Your shop is so worth the hassle of driving up Ronces. I've got to get up there and have a look it's been too long! Aberfoyle was a bit of a bust today- poured rain all morning. I think I saw Alison Milne there but not sure, only met her the one time. Must congratulate her on H and H! Amazing women everywhere high five!

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