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I do not suffer from "Pyrexia" (fever for the thrill of the Pyrex hunt) but as a professional "treasure hunter", I cannot resist the instinct to buy it.  Love it or leave it,  there is no denying it's appealing form and function.  Prep, bake, serve and store all in one dish!  
My shop has never been without a piece of Pyrex, nor will it ever be.  

Passionate for Pyrex was a great article published in the Toronto Star just the other day.  It inspired me to  post my Pyrex inventory.    Please contact for pricing or further information.

1. Yellow 401 Cinderella Bowl/Small Yellow Hostess Dish/Orange Juice Jug
2. Green 401 Mixing Bowl/Verde Split Caserole Dish/Green Caserole Dish
3. Turquoise Butterprint 442 Cinderella/402 Mixing Bowl
4. Bright Green Caserole Dish/Gooseberry 444 Cinderella Mixing Bowl
5. Pair of Brown Striped Americana Mixing Bowls
6. Set of Cherry Blossom Caserole Dishes

I rarely bake but I too have a personal collection of Pyrex.  It may be small but it is specific.  I opted for the Solid Turquoise and Butterprint Mixing Bowls and Refrigerator Dish Set.  I even have a Butterprint Butter Dish!


For more Pyrex information check out this amazing site, In Color Order where Jeni Baker explains some key elements to understanding Pyrex.  I leaned a lot...
or join the Pyrex Collective where your questions will be answered and you will realize that you are not alone!

Happy Hunting

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