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If you don't already know him, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Jake.  He owns MachineAge Modern, a well established shop on the east side of town. Jake specializes in modern vintage furnishings and gets his hands on some pretty special finds.  Check out this Vladimir Kagan Sofa in store.
 I just love it!

I think Jake and I make a great pair as we couldn't be further apart on the scale of "pickers".   Jake goes for teak and I for country chic but we do share a lot in common.  The willingness to drive for hours for potential finds, the thrill of a big old musty barn full of "junk", the hoarding capabilities as neither one of us could pass up a good deal on Pyrex but more importantly, an eye for treasure!

Unlike most competitive retailers, Jake has always been very supportive of my business.  Being the new kid on the block, he has helped me along the way by introducing me to other dealers and giving me leads on hidden gems.  Just an all round great guy with a keen eye.

Thank you Jake. You have a fan in me and a treasure hunting roadie, any day!

MachineAge Modern
1000 Queen Street East (Map)
416 461 3588

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Sitting Pretty In the Window

Sitting Pretty In the Window
Tokyo Police Club
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Hayden & Howie Beck
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