Coveted Tocca Candles

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of Tocca's luxurious, scented candles to Hawk Eyes.  Just in time for the holiday season.  

Tocca is renowned worldwide as a fragrance house of distinctive and exquisite scents.  We carry four of their beautiful scented, hand poured candles.  Made in France and available in two sizes. 

The full size aromatic candles make a perfect hostess gift.  Housed in an elegantly clean, white glass with delicate gold screening.  Each generously filled 10.6oz candle provides 60 hours of burn time. $39 each

The travel friendly, 2.85oz votives include their own Tocca matchbook.  They provide 20 hours of burn time and are sure to make a great stocking stuffer. $17 each

Stella ~ Italian blood orange with a slightly sweet, fresh scent.
Cleopatra ~ Watery cucumber and sweet grapefruit leaves a crisp, clean scent.
Florence ~ Sophisticated essence of the old European garden rose combined with iris root.
Feu De Touch ~ A rich floral accord of gardenia.

Love Yourself

Antique Coloured Glass Bottles

Antique Coloured Glass Bottles $6 - $26
These bottles were used in the 19th & 20th century for medical purposes to house pharmaceuticals such as "bitters", "cures", "purifiers" etc.

Below is a link of Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information

Today these glass bottles are highly sought after for household storage and simplistic decor.

Pine Fall

Pine Square Leg Table 2' x 3' $325 ~ sold
Pine Lift Top Box $130 ~ sold
Yellow Wicker Lamp $195 ~ sold
Herringbone Suitcase $120 ~ sold
The Vogue Sewing Book 1st Edition $75 ~ sold
Wicker Hampers $75 ~ $120
Pine Box $24 ~ sold
Vintage Wall Paper $32/roll ~ 1 sold
Vintage Blankets $48 ~ sold
Hemline Measuring Stick $28


Small Navy Pine Table 30"w x 17"w x 28"h $250 ~ sold
Cream Painted Coffee Table $140 ~ sold
Pine Table 2' x 3' $325 ~ sold
Cream Painted Pine Hutch 30"w x 16"d x 65'h $475 ~ sold
Leather Suitcase ( Not Musty!) $120 ~ sold
Large Barnboard Mirror 27" x 45" $225 ~ sold
French Single Floor Lamp w Silk Shade $250 ~ sold
Pair of Glass Vanity Lamps rewired $225 ~ sold
Single Glass Vanity Lamp rewired $75 ~ sold
Florentine Serving Tray $48 ~ sold
Painted Wall Shelf $85 ~ sold
Small Pine Box $24 ~ sold

Sarah's Vanity

Beautifully Upholstered Floral Vanity & Matching Stool
Cut Glass Surface with Snap Close Skirt

Top Tiered Tables
October 2011 Window

From Bottom to Top, Left to Right

Dark Wood Half Table $125 ~ sold
Duncan Phyfe Inlay Side Table $325 each
Long Clawfoot Coffee Table $275
French Rectangular Side Table $225
Tall Oval French Provincial Table $225
French Provincial Rectangular Side Table $175 ~ sold
Duncan Phyfe Inlay Side Table $325 each
Small Oak Side Table, Turned Legs $110 ~ sold
Peach Lamps $95 each ~ 1 sold

Reflection Testing

Pair of Orange Pressback Chairs $155 ~ sold
Oak Side Tables with Drawer ~ sold
Tapestry Curtains 52"x 96" &  55"x 56" $255
Pair of Green Glass Vanity Lamps $175 ~ sold
Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket $58
Vintage Wallpaper $32/roll
Letter Blocks $5 each

Just off the Truck...

A few of the fresh found treasures from the weekend hunt...
Pale Blue Carved Top Stool $110
11.75" x 18"h x 11.75"d
~ sold ~

White Painted Cabinet $275
36"w x 26.5"h x 17.5"d

Shallow Fir Cupboard $375
35.5"w x 31.5"h x 9.5"d

Teal Painted Bench $225
40.75"w x 17"h x 13.75"d
~ sold ~

White Painted Work Table $325
42"w x 29.75"h x 22.25"d
~ sold ~

Cream Painted Washstand $265
22.5"w x 28.25"h x 15.75"d
~ sold ~

Cream Painted Step Stool $95
15"w x 11"h x 9"d
~ sold ~

Primitive Red Folding Bench $375 ~ love it!
70"l x 17.75"h x 9.25"d
~ sold ~

Honk for Hawk Eyes

For years I hunted for a vintage pick up truck.  Something safe, affordable and fitting in the Hawk Eyes realm of esthetics.  Something pretty but not delicate.  The purpose being to load up the trunk with treasures and bring them home for you!

I had almost given up until last week.  I spotted a two tone 1969 Ford Ranger short box on the side of the road.  It had Hawk Eyes written all over it...

The search is finally over.  She gives me a little trouble in the morning and she certainly takes her time on the highway but that's okay by me.  She drives like a boat and makes a hell of a roar.   She's one of a kind, a real gem and I just love her!

Honk for Hawk Eyes

July 2011

Pair of Green Hoop Back Chairs $165 ~ sold
Drip Glaze Vases $65 each ~ sold
Teal Tiered Table ~ sold
Wicker Picnic Basket $48 ~ sold
Pink Velour PIllows $16 each ~ sold
Cow Creamer $28 ~ sold
Teal Check Table Cloth $32 ~ sold
Set of Turquoise Melmac $ 65 ~ sold
Set of 4 Pastel Place Mats $24
Striped Apron $28

Summer Picnic

Red Spindle Crib $275
Antique Hoopback Chair $65
Pine Side Table $155 ~ sold
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145
Feather Factory Crib Quilt & Fitted Sheet $120
Wicker Picnic Basket $48 ~ sold
Orange Gingham Table Cloth $36 ~ sold
Red Cap S&P $9 ~ sold
Rolling Pin $28 ~ sold
Medium Pyrex Bowl $28 ~ sold 

LoRo Block Party Recap

Thank you to everyone that come out for the LoRo Block Party.  It was a great success and we had a lovely evening with friends and loyal customers.

A special thanks to Shannon from the Merchantile. The hibiscus flower tasting was a hit with everyone.  And even though Alison from Coriander Girl was working on three weddings that night, she still made an appearance and dropped off a beautiful bouquet.  

Stay tuned for the next LoRo event...

Summer Serpentine Pine Hutch

Serpentine Pine Hutch 46"w x 85"h x 21"d $1200
Set of Milk Glass Beer Mugs $48 ~ sold
Blue Teapot $22 ~ sold
Blue Gingham Round Table Cloth $58 ~ sold
Set of Mason Drinking Jars $27 ~ sold
Set of Blue Stemmed Champagne Glasses $44 ~ sold
Striped Flour Shaker $58 ~ sold
Set of White Floral Arcoroc Mugs $32
Arcoroc Tray $28
Arcoroc Creamer & Sugar Bowl $32

LoRo Block Party - This Friday 7pm

Join us for our LoRo Block Party.  South of Galley along Roncesvalles Ave, stores will be open for late night shopping.  From 7pm until 10pm, enjoy great discounts, deals & door prizes.

Hawk Eyes will be featuring a couple of very special guests.  Coriander Girl will be joining us again this year and selling her sweet posies.  We also have Shannon from the Mercantile who is coming down from NoRo (North Roncey) and she'll be doing sampling and selling of her floral jellies, yum!

It will be a night to celebrate our New & Improved Roncesvalles and a chance to thank our loyal customers and neighbours for helping us through the years of construction.

See you on Friday!

Rainy End to May

Red Enamel Top Table $295 ~ sold
Red Top Coffee Table $125 ~ sold
Teal Painted Arrow Back Chair $95 ~ sold
Set of Milk Glass Spice Jars $75
Red High Chair $125 ~ sold
Federal Polka Dot Bowl $32 ~ sold
Red Gingham Table Cloth $36 ~ sold
Rolling Pin $28 ~ sold
Painted Hardware Set $75 ~ sold
Farm House Thermos $28 ~ sold

Rainy Start to May

Italian Florentine Dresser 23.5"w x 13"d x 25"h $325 ~ sold
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145 ~ sold
Queen Anne Fine Bone China C&S $24 ~ sold
Royal Albert Bone China Creamer & Sugar Bowl $48
Framed Thatched Roof Cottage $24 ~ sold

Happy Easter...

Upholstered Bird Bamboo Chair $275 ~ sold
Green & Blue Painted Table $155 ~ sold
Pink Velour Cushions $16 each
White Leather Gloves $48
Pink McCoy Planter $36 ~ sold
Floral Dresser Box $72 ~ sold
Royal Books $28 each ~ sold
Yellow Teapot $28
Pair of Pink Vase Lamps $125 ~ sold
Morn Glo Yellow Side Plates $8 each
Pink Grindley Serving Bowl with Lid $46
Yellow Depression Glass Creamer & Sugar Bowl $32 each

Dream Dressing Room

A French Provincial Boudoir
Gorgeous Soft Muted Yellow with Green Trim & Original Hardware

Large 12 Drawer Dresser 68"w x 21"d x 39"h $1600
Pair of Matching Night Tables 19"w x 15.5"d x 28"h $325 each ~ sold
Large Mirror 31"h x 57"w $595
Pair of Upholstered Chairs $300 each ~ sold
Pair of Fashion Print $165
Pastel Floral Quilt Single $95
Pair of Mauve Lamps $255 ~ sold

March 2011 Window

White 6 Drawer Dresser 46" x 16.5" x 32"$425 ~ sold
White Rocker $125
Green Pillow $34
Striped Pillows $26 each
Feather Factory Quilt & Fitted Crib Sheet $120

Just Arrived! Pressed Sideboard

53 Indian Grove Print - Doors Closed - by Greg Pacek & Ginger Sorbara $1600 ~ sold
53 Indian Grove Book by Greg Pacek & Ginger Sorbara $65 ~ sold out
Antique Pressed Pine Sideboard $875 46"w x 20"d x 37"h
Pair of Hobnail Lamps $145
Orange Juice Jug $24 ~ sold
Green Pyrex Bowl $26 ~ sold
Green Jug & Dish, Japan $36 ~ sold
Jadite Platter $60 ~ sold
Milk Glass Vases $9 - $18 ~ sold
Glass Juicer $22 ~ sold

February 2011

Shabby Jam Cupboard $425 - sold
Set of 3 Bark Cloth Drape Panels 25"x72" $75 each
Vintage Wall Paper $36/roll
McCoy Kitchen Canisters $145
Wine Rack $28 ~ sold
Glass Juicer $22 ~ sold
Small Pyrex Bowls $18 - $22
Orange Juice Jug $24 ~ sold
Large Glass Jug $48 ~ sold
Small Glass Jug $24
Honey Jar $23 ~ sold
Set of 4 Plates, "Daisies Won't Tell" $56 ~ sold

Sitting Pretty In the Window

Sitting Pretty In the Window
Tokyo Police Club
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

Hayden & Howie Beck
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

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