I opened a concept store with the intention of providing shoppers with an experience.  That experience is not just based on a visual display but it also includes sound, scent, a warm welcome and most probably a friendly chit chat.  The idea of strictly online shopping distresses me slightly.

In that very same breathe, I have to acknowledge that not everyone has the time it takes to explore some of the most charming independent stores that our great city has to offer.  Myself included!

Thanks to Shopcastr,  I can now do my window shopping and coveting online.  The platform that Shopcastr has provided for both retailers and shoppers alike offers simple yet brilliant reconnaissance.  I have been visually introduced to some great shops online that I have passed on the street.  It has giving me an insight as to on-going inventory, price points, sales, buying style and design.  I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised!

It's not online shopping, it's online recon.  So on your next day off,  you know where you're headed!
Check it out and love us with a big blue heart!

A big thanks to the entire team at Shopcastr and a shout out to some of my friends & favs Lab Consignment, Rac, Frock, Imelda, Machine Age Modern, BYOB & Smash.  A job well done and best wishes from Hawk Eyes. xx

Photographer : Emma McIntyre

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Sitting Pretty In the Window

Sitting Pretty In the Window
Tokyo Police Club
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

Hayden & Howie Beck
Photographed by Dustin Rabin (click to link)

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